I am a semi-abstract painter who believes that all art, whatever the medium or genre, serves as a window into another world.  Employing automatism, my imagery emerges through a balance of free association and conscious control.  Most of my imagery is born in the sketchbook, where I scribble on the surface of the paper with a ballpoint pen. From this tangle of lines, I hone the image, allowing my intuition to pull imaginative combinations of enigmatic shapes and forms.  I then do a small series of drawings and color studies, further developing the piece. Finally, I transfer this image to a canvas or panel and execute the painting.  The key to my process involves a balancing act in which a certain amount of conscious control is overlaid onto an image derived at by largely unconscious means. The result is a realm in which an expressive-surreal sensibility gives rise to things not of this world working to articulate themselves in an uncertain space.  In addition to seeing the actual shapes, colors, and lines displayed on the surface, my work aims to tap into the viewer on an unconscious level, creating a more direct, visceral experience.